5 comments on “is this thing still on?

  1. Julian Hughes

    Hi Ian!

    btw Debian still works fine. systemd vs !systemd: doesn’t matter. It boots. It works. It stays up.

    btw I still remember one of your blog posts from years ago: in Moscow, journos with Win32 laptops all managed to connect to any damn network out there and file copy while you had to dredge the sediment at the back of your mind to try to connect to ever changing wireless access points. Hey! I found it: http://ianmurdock.com/cloud/windows-as-a-poorly-debugged-set-of-device-drivers/ I used to travel a lot and this blog post struck such a chord with me and really stuck in my mind as a great illustration of “what is technically possible vs. the real world utility and appeal of some stuff you don’t have to like but actually works even if you forgot how”.

    Here’s the difference between 2006 and 2015: in 2015 this crap is now easier and more foolproof with a default Gnome or Xfce Debian install. My Eee PC came with Win32 XP but only works really well with Debian (6/7/8 it doesn’t matter). Win 7 kills it despite dual core CPUs and 2GB RAM. Who’d have thought? My phone runs Android. My Tablet runs CyanogenMod Android and one of the apps is lil’debi which gives me full access to a Debian Testing chroot which can use the native android file systems.

    Mr Murdoch, you won and in considerable style.

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