Debian, hydroponics, and Edward Snowden

Over the years, I’ve seen Debian used in some pretty amazing places to do some pretty amazing things.

For example, I recently watched Citizenfour, Laura Poitras’ documentary about Edward Snowden and the first days in Hong Kong following the NSA revelations (highly recommended, by the way). As the credits rolled, I happened to look up and see this:

This kind of thing never ceases to make me proud, even after all this time, from the day in 1997 I heard Debian was powering a hydroponics experiment aboard the space shuttle (my first “very cool” moment) to the present day.

Speaking of all this time: It will have been 22 years (!) since Debian was first announced this coming Sunday. I’d love to collect anecdotes, mementos, stories, etc. from others about Debian being used in amazing places to do amazing things and/or just neat pieces of Debian history. Leave them in the comments, and I’ll surface the best of them here on my blog.

Not uncoincidentally, I recently moved, and as often happens when one moves, I used the opportunity to go through some old boxes. In doing so, I found a few things from Debian’s long past I thought were gone forever (i.e., “not uncoincidentally” = I’m feeling a bit nostalgic). And, so, I’ll kick off this little Debian history project with a few items of my own, starting tomorrow.

Watch this space. :-)


One comment on “Debian, hydroponics, and Edward Snowden

  1. Andy Cater

    My favourite bit of Debian memorabilia – the first proper pressed CDs given out to developers for Debian 1.3 – the “Oficial” release :)

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